For-Impact Solutions

Non-profit describes your tax code status, not your business.  Your business is to have measurable impact that improves our community and the world.

For-Impact Solutions offers you fundraising and board development consulting, specializing in meeting the unique needs of small to medium sized nonprofit organizations like yours.  Services are customized for your need and may include:

  • Creating your strategic plan and setting goals
  • Creating your Case for Support
  • Evaluating your current board structure for alignment with your mission and goals
  • Training to build positive board/staff dynamics
  • Fundraising training for staff and/or volunteers
  • Creating your fundraising plan, including budget, processes, technology, staffing and goals
  • Evaluating your existing fundraising program and events to align them with your mission and maximize your fundraising strengths
  • Creating a culture of philanthropy within your organization
  • Evaluating your readiness to launch a larger fundraising campaign 

Let us help you achieve Impact for a better world.  Call or email us today.